Gus Tanner
1 year ago

Wanted some mayflies for my box but didn't have all the materials so here's what I came up with. Based off from a fly tied by Daniel Bergman on tie tv...

Hook- size 10 long shank

Tail- pheasant tail measured body length of fly

Body- Fine and dry dubbing pale morning dun

Rib- pheasant tail ends (from tail) wrapped around the thread

Wings- sculpin wool natural white

Hackle- long hackle natural brown, cut and spun into a dubbing loop

Thread- cinnamon brown UTC 140

I'd recommend a tool for the hackle. I did it without one but I think my hackle density is weak. If you have better wing material, use it. This is what I had. Wings are separated by figure 8 wraps. Total fly length is 1.75 inches. Made 1 and put lots of gink on it until I see how it floats.

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