Joel Giguere
6 years ago

Size 14 dry fly hook
6/0 Olive Danville
Lemon wood duck wings and tail
Grizzly hackle legs
Lemon and ginger dubbing

Ken MacInnis
5 years ago

Pretty fly. The wings are very unique. Are the wings stripped on one side, then the fibres are pulled back to tie down? It looks difficult to master.

Joel Giguere
5 years ago

No Ken. The wings are one wood duck flank feather. Spit on your fingers and get the fibers wet. Pull the fibers back and try and stack them on the stem with an equal number on each side. It'll take several tries to stack them in order on each side of the stem and to make them even. It can help to stack them, place them on the hook with one or two "placement" wraps, then pull them through the wraps to form the proper shape. Once you've got them where you want them tie them to the hook. The tricky part is next. Grab the single fiber above the first bent back and stacked fiber of one of the wings. Use that single fiber to strip the entire wing off the stem. Repeat on the other side then clip out the stem and the "handle" fibers. Dress to your liking. Two wings that weigh less than half of a standard single wing. It takes a while to get the hang of it but once you've got it, dry flies will never be the same.

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