Henrik Andersson
9 months ago

All out of pheasant tail so I had to improvise with the tail. But I think it worked out ok.
But I’ve ordered some pheasant tail in case the trout disagrees! ?

Now in these times this is a killer pattern for selective trout. Works in yellow, dun, brown and gray.

Hook Hanak Pupa size 10
Tail teal fibers
Body tying thread and artificial quill
Foam yellow
Dear hair
Gray and black cdc

If you want to fish this in a stream then I would recommend you make a little bubble of foam behind the foampart that’s pulled over the deer hair. Like a wing case. Helps it to float a lot.
I’ll post a picture of that later!

Shayne Miller
9 months ago

I don't believe this one is missing anything without the pheasant tail, it's great as it is! How did you do the deer hair? It looks like you did a dubbing loop then wrapped it like hackle; is that correct?

9 months ago

Beautiful work!!

Bill Trublubug
9 months ago

Great pattern Henrik. Don’t change anything unless you get nasty notes from the trout. LOL I’ve not tried the “little bubble” trick. These seem to float quite well with the CDC and the foam wingcase just as pictured. I like emergers that both sit partially on the surface and partially hang below it. If your trout are ultra picky and want a higher floating emerger, you can try my trick of using a thicker foam wing case. I’ve tied something similar (although not as pretty as your post) with varying thicknesses of foam. I just superglue the layers together before tying them on. You can work sequentially using razor foam in 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm thicknesses adding layers as your trout demand. Or just go for it and tie in a double layer of 2.0 mm. I’m glad my trout aren’t as fussy as yours. 😜

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