Martin Fabricius
1 year ago

A Scandinavin styled and salmon’ised version of Micky Finn. At least that was the inspiration.

Hook: Ahrex gold doubble hook
Tag: Pearl flat tinsel
Butt and tail: UV Orange fibers
Body: SSS flatbraid alta gold
Hackle: Orange
Wing: Hot orange and yellow bucktail
Flash: Krinkle pearl
Fronthackle: Yellow
Head: Red flash

#salmon #laks #lax #double #flom

Thomas Knutsen
1 year ago

that is what i call effective. very Nice!

Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

Clever adaptation Martin. Oh, and a very nice tie as well😀

Martin Fabricius
1 year ago

Thanks guys @TitanicFlies @trublubug . Yellow and orange seems to work well for me. So excited to try this one soon.

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