Mini Matuka Streamer
Tied by: Grahame Adams Northern Ireland,
Grahame Adams

Grahame Adams
13 days ago

Something a bit bigger to get down to some big lough browns that rarely feed on surface the pearl body and flash in the wing should help my photo doesn’t really show the shine to well tied on a #6 extra long

Michael Mc Brien
13 days ago

Its like a cross between a longtail streamer and a Matuka and i can think of one still water close to my home where it would be deadly on a slow (dead slow) retrieve. Stunning execution as always Grahame.

Martin Fabricius
13 days ago

Lovely fly. I really enjoy seeing the matuka style shared here.

Grahame Adams
12 days ago

Thanks Michael I hope it’s deadly here to cheers Martin not patterns we see to much of an Ace of Spades Matuka style can be useful here.

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