Benjamin Tutt
11 months ago

I know a few guys on here have said they fish Montauk so I felt the need to put a little report together.

Big flies in the morning: I used a size 4-6 unweighted olive bugger and I pulled a lot out. Lots of tail strikes on the fly so when I saw one keyed up I'd twitch it and let it drift to let them get the hook.

Afternoon/heat of the day: switched to small, size 16-18 pheasant tail Nymph with a strike indicator about 30 inches up. It was slow going but still able to catch fish!

Evening bit: little bit bigger Nymphs. Size 10 sow bugs in oyster color and pink Squirrels but with a white collar, tungsten bead.

This weekend was weird with not that many people on the stream and with this years flooding I heard people say the fishing went down hill. I'd have to say it was some of the best fishing I had there in a long time. Great weekend!

Bill Trublubug
11 months ago

Great report Ben. Glad the fish were so cooperative.

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