Mop Fly Army
Tied by: Carson Huckert Southwest, MT, US
Carson Huckert

Carson Huckert
2 years ago

Size 12 Dia-Riki
.025 Lead Wire
Gold Bead
Ice Dub
Orange Dust Mop

I have always wanted to tie some of these and today I finally got my hands on a dust mop. The pink and purple collars are custom Dubbing I made out of 100% acrylic yarn. All I did was cut the yarn in to .25-.5 inch sections and take two dog brushes to separate the fibers. It has the texture of rabbit Dub and works very well.

Bill Trublubug
2 years ago

Let me know how the fish like the two-toned option Carson. Cool idea on the homemade dubbing.

Carson Huckert
2 years ago

Thank you, hopefully I can get out soon.

Jon Redwine
2 years ago

I say you call them Cheeto mops. Lol!

Geoff Piehler
1 year ago

I haven’t fished mop flies before but I just picked up a bunch because I heard they are very effective on steelhead, which I fish for every Thanksgiving morning on the Rocky River in Ohio. Is that true about these flies?

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