Tied by: MiteyQuin Sandy, Utah, US

1 year ago

Metz Grizzly Hackle Butt ends
Light and Dark Moose Hair Wraps
Metz Micro Grizzly Hackle
Size 16 Mustad Hook

Was able to force myself to finally buy new capes (I’d been using my dads old small hackles and was running out of good sized feathers) and now hopefully you can see some improvement! Let me know what you all think!

Pieter Van Staden
1 year ago

Mr Quin i know that feeling very well. im still using my first grizzly cape that i bought about 20 years ago and im very limited to feather use on i since there is almost nothing left. The capes are so bloody expensive this side of the world its not even funny

Bill payne
1 year ago

I know the feeling as well!, I used to split capes with my friends because we were in public school. We would cut grass, shovel snow get money for materials! Eventually I was selling flies at the river to make a little money! I still have reminants of those old capes, great memories!..sorry guys I ramble on🎣

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