Eduardo Machado Bacha
1 year ago

Semi-realistic mosquito tied on a Grip 11011 barbless hook size 16

Abdomen: white thread painted in red + thin coat of solarez uv resin (thick)

Thorax: synthetic dubbing made out of wool

Head: thread painted in black + synthetic wool dubbing

Eyes: nylon (20lb)

Legs: broom bristle

Wings: saddle hackle (natural)

Video with the step-by-step:

Gabe Shuler
1 year ago

Amazing work!

Bill payne
1 year ago

Very cool!...🎣

Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

Absolutely fantastic.

Jon Redwine
1 year ago

I agree with above. Wisconsin has huge mosquitoes! I may tie one on a 2/0 hook. Just kidding, but definitely I will be trying to tie this one!

Zack Gillen
1 year ago

Florida’s state bird!!

Steven S
1 year ago

Thanks for the video, great tie

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