Kevin sweet
3 years ago

First shot at one of these! Inspired by many YouTube videos. #2 streamer hook, chenille tail, brown and cream deer hair ( underside is cream colored), and melted zip ties for the eyes. I think it will do!

Scott Lee Pearce
3 years ago

Looks fantastic man

Bill Trublubug
3 years ago

Great looking mouse Kevin. Will you be after large nocturnal brown trout?

Jason Michael
3 years ago

That's awesome looking mouse Kevin awesome fly!!

Kevin sweet
3 years ago

Thanks guys! I've heard that big browns will go after mice like crazy. Most of the water in Oregon is closed one hour after sunset, thought I'd throw these out on my slow muddy river that's in town... twenty something different species of fish... somethings got to be interested.

Carson McCalip
2 years ago

That’s a good looking mouse! How did you do the melted zip tie eyes?that’s a great idea!

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