1 year ago

Looks better than my first Parachute Adams. One thing I would suggest is to try moving the post and the hackle more towards the hook eye. This will make the fly look more like a mayfly. Also, assuming you don't have any smaller hackle, try trimming the hackle around the post shorter for this size of hook. However this isn't bad for a first attempt, keep working on it 👍

Adam Moser
1 year ago

Thanks Cory I appreciate the advice

Jon Redwine
1 year ago

It’s a great first parachute Adams. I can visualize that big trout mouth open up and sip that thing down right now. Nice tie Adam.

Caden Robinette
1 year ago

Looks a tone better than my first one, your hackle stayed on! Very nice

Sean Maitner
1 year ago

Nice- that’ll fish

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