Kenan Haseta
11 days ago

This is my new DiY fly tying table and my favorite place in the house :D

Eugene Borovin
11 days ago

Wonderful table!

Martin Burch @flyfishfans
11 days ago


Bill Trublubug
11 days ago

Absolutely agree with others. Great work Kenan.

Kenan Haseta
10 days ago

Thank you guys..I'm glad you like it :) and i Have new tying vise it's Stonfo Transformer...Great vise with a lot of possabilities.

Tom Thomas
8 days ago

And it looks like you have a fish tank next to it for testing those flies.

Kenan Haseta
7 days ago

Hehehe that's right i just need to put some trouts or Graylings inside :D Fish tank is my other Hoby and some place to just look and rest :)

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