Allan Overgaard
3 years ago

Does the word Mysis Relicta ring a bell? If you haven’t heard it before, maybe its time for you to take a closer look under water.
these small shrimp like animals can be crucial for searuns to feed on, especially during the autumn they can be zoomed in on very small prey. Problem is (from a flytier point of view) they are very small (2cm in length) they are transparent/tan in water. And they hover… So to imitate you need a fairly small hook with a 2-4x in length. But the wire should be thin. Yesterday i was by the Ahrexhooks headquarters, and what did i find on the table? A brand new hook hitting the market at some point very soon. And it was perfect for the job. The shellback is made of larvalace, to make it buoyant in the watercolumn, this means i can retrieve this little badboy very slowly even on very shallow parts or ontop of the seaweed often found in the fiords.

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