Nameless Sakasa Kebari
Tied by: John J McMullen El Portal, (Yosemite National Park) CA, US
John J McMullen

John J McMullen
5 years ago

I have a couple of experiments made with vinyl D-Rib. This one with double glass beads in front of a Starling hackle. #tenkara #sakasakebari #drib #beadhead

Steve Holcroft
5 years ago

No self-respecting trout will avoid this fly - looks very fishy indeed - fished subsurface perhaps?

John J McMullen
5 years ago

I used to tie a smaller fly, similar to this (but a tiny midge), that was my secret weapon fishing the Frying Pan tail water below Ruedi Reservoir near Basalt CO. Using different colors of flash under the D-Rib. It's a tough stretch of water to fish and get's hammered with all the "usual" flies. Using something different like this, I was always catching fish when the normal flies were dead.

Alexander Haakstad
5 years ago

This is the coolest fly i've seen in a very long time!

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