Martin Fabricius
2 years ago

Playing around with the new Easy Shrimp Eyes shrimp legs.

Hook: Ahrex Light Stinger bended a bit
Tail: Bucktail, cobber flash, brown hackle fibers, STF dubbing and tan EP fibers
Eyes: Black or brown Easy Shrimp Eyes
Legs: Easy Shrimp Legs 2.0 in clear or dirty brown
Body: Tan dubbing
Shield: UV glue

#reje #shrimp #uv #havørredd #kystflue #rejeimitation

Bill Trublubug
2 years ago

Nice color blend Martin.

Patrik Herlet
2 years ago

As Bill writes, perfect colours👍 Can’t get rid of the feeling, that we prefer the same colours☺️👌 But now, as the Seatrout season is over here on the West Coast of🇸🇪 I’m testing some new stuff. Right now I’m stuck with Arizona Seal Dubbing - Just love it. Interesting to see, what the ST thinks about it.

Martin Fabricius
2 years ago

@trublubug @Patrik_Herlet thanks guys! Freshwater season is almost over here now, so I’m heading to the coast next week. Had to try some more realistic looking shrimps for clear water conditions. To be honest I also bought some really ugly pink materials yesterday, cause I had some crazy good results on “Pink hole demon” I posted earlier. Look it up on my profile. Will try to tie some pink shrimp as well. Also got a lot of fish on my “Pattegrisen Variant” a few years ago. So I guess im not loyal to only natural colors - especially not in the winter season.

Patrik Herlet
2 years ago

👍 ”Unfortunately” we’re not allowed to fish here wintertime. April 1st we can fish ST here again. This ”early” in the season I use some patterns with some pink or orange as well. This season ”The Pink Lady” was a good choice for me☺️

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