Peder Wigdell
4 years ago

#NoHackle #BWO with #Capercaillie biot, Musk ox dubbing and Duck #quillwings on a #Partridge Klinkhamer size 16 #deercreekproteam

Bill Trublubug
4 years ago

Great look Peder. These no hackle duns can save the day when the fish become ultra selective. Do you add anything as an underbody to yours? I use a strip of micro thin foam (electronics wrap) on mine. Keeps them floating without having to repeatedly dress them with floatant. My most effective fly I this style has been imitations of Sulphurs.

Peder Wigdell
4 years ago

Thanks Bill. No extra add to the fly, using CDC-oil/gel and the Musk ox seem to be enough. If they sink I just tie another one on ;-)

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