Allan Overgaard
3 years ago

First Rule of flytying was passed on from Mr. Niels Corfits a long time ago. It states that if you tie a new fly or new pattern, you need to tie a minimum of 4 individuals.
I have been sticking to that rule ever since, and im quite sure that the rule saved the day when i needed another fly in exact same pattern.
Yesterday browsing Instagram for inspiration. My eyes stopped at the profile of Mr Mortencoastfly Hansen i had an idea about a fly that needs testing right now. Unfortunately i will have to wait until tomorrow. But then it is up for testing. No name yet, it has to prove its worth before a name is given. #ahrexhooks #ns110 #size8

Bill Trublubug
3 years ago

I had the same advice when I was young (the dinos still ruled) except the number was 6. The extra two were to have enough to share. It’s still a good bit of advice. LOL. These look fish worthy to me Allan. Good luck with them. Let us know how they perform.

Allan Overgaard
3 years ago

I might have to add 2 more to my Rule. Good one @trublubug

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