Allan Overgaard
3 years ago

When steelheaders talk about flies, it is almost mandatory that the name Syd Glasso pops up.
Mr. Glasso is by most considered the father of modern American/Canadian speyflies.
Back in the 1950ies he saw potential in developing new speypatterns originated from the Scottish speypatterns, that has their foundation from the banks of the fabled Spey river.
Glasso saw that the style could be used to produce a new breed of flies with more vibrant colours but still using a technique where feathers are the key ingredient in the flies. The roof on the original speys consist of bronze mallard, that needs to be dyed if one wants a more colorfull speyfly, but Glasso style flies utilises a lot of colours from primary rooster capes. To this day a lot of modern steelheadflies has originated from the flies of Syd Glasso. Patterns like, Orange Heron, Sol Duc, Courtesan should be a part of any steelheaders flybox when going winter steelheading.
So this evening flytyingsession was in honour of the late Syd Glasso. Orange Heron size 2.
Hook: Ahrex HR410 size 2.
Tag: small silver oval tinsel.
Body: 2/3 orange silk 1/3 orange seals fur.
Rib: Flat silver and Medium silver oval.
Hackle: Grey Heron or Blue eared pheasant depending on availability.
Wing: 4 tips of orange rooster or GP chest if the hook is rather small size.
Fronthackle: Tealduck.
Thread: Orange Bennechi size12/0
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