Orange Near ‘Nuff Crayfish
Tied by: Nataline Washington, DC, US

1 year ago

Antennae/Legs: Black rubber legs
Orange speckled legs
Pearl krystal flash
Eyes: 10lb mono dipped in black nail polish
Mouth and Tail: Fur from napping cat
Claws: Matched pair India hen back feathers
Body: Orange dubbing
Orange soft hackle
Black lead dumbbell eyes

Don’t let the long “ingredient” list put you off, this Dave Whitlock pattern is a ton of fun to tie. I love watching the little critters come together with each step. Never fished a crayfish pattern before, but hoping this’ll tempt some smallies next month!

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Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

I think you can count on the smallies to cooperate and eat this one up Nataline. Nicely done!

rob Loos
1 year ago


rob Loos
1 year ago

Natalie how long have you been tying

1 year ago

Thanks for the comments, guys! Rob, I started tying maybe two years ago? I wasn't very consistent about it until last fall, when I finally started to figure out nymphing for trout. Catching more fish motivated me to tie more flies!

rob Loos
1 year ago

I have been tying a long time I’m sure not as long as bill ha ha but seriously I would have thought you had been tying a lot longer solid work

Travis Fisher
1 year ago

Agree solid work

Michael hackwith
1 year ago

hope to see more!!, thanks for posting recipe....

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