Martin Fabricius
3 years ago

Back from a vacation in Mexico. Caught a snook and some other exotic species. Now I'm preparing for a saltwater trip in Denmark, chasing big sea trout.

Hook: Ahrex Curved Shrimp
Thread: Salmon Ultra Thread
Butt: Coral SLF
Tail: Salmon hen and spey hackle
Eyes: Easy Shrimp Eyes black
Body: Coral SLF
Shield: Coral Anntron Yarn and soft Loon UV glue

#kystflue #shrimp #reje #havørredd #UV

Bill Trublubug
3 years ago

These are going to do some serious damage to the fish populations.

Martin Fabricius
3 years ago

Haha, I hope you're right. Or maybe not, really. But hope to catch something though 😁

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