Allan Overgaard
4 years ago

Another version of the perfect Leo Shrimp. I tried to make a shrimp in winter edition. When the water is cold it seems like the trouts needs a bit of attraction to the fly. So more bright colors can do the trick. On this one i have mixed simiseal, uv2 and Real sealsfur. #partridgehooks CS54 size 8 for the hook. #meerforelle #havsöringg #sjøørretet #winterfun #shrimp #flytyingjunkie #layout #tieordie

Martin Fabricius
4 years ago

The color blend is really neat! 👌🏻

Tim Bickings
3 years ago

That looks good enough to eat. I mean like put some old bay seasoning on it n steam it !! good

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