Christopher Williams
12 days ago

I’m Starting to prep for my trip to upstate NY next month, and have begun to tying up a few patterns for each of the 25 on the Fly tournament species. Today that meant tying up a few Pike Bunny streamers.

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stinger (1/0)
Thread: 140 Denier (Red)
Tail: Zonker Strip (White)
Collar: Crosscut Rabbit strip (Red)
Flash: Flashabou Holo Flash (Silver)
Eyes: stick-on (4mm; Silver)
Other: 50 lbs Monofilament loop below tail

Step-by-Step tutorial will be posted on the blog tomorrow morning.

Gavin Roth
12 days ago

What a classic! Very nice, I wish you luck on your fly fishing tournament!!!

Bill Trublubug
10 days ago

Ditto @flytier1231 Looks like a pike killer.

Christopher Williams
10 days ago

Thanks @flytier1231 @trublubug . Hoping the pike agree. Though admittedly they’re fairly low on our target list. The primary warm water system we’ll be fishing is loaded with Tiger Musky, but lacking in pike. Hoping we’ll have time to find some nearby pike waters as well though.

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