Martin Fabricius
4 years ago

Been extremly busy lately. Exams, work and designing a cool new Flyflasher feature and an awesome Adroid app.

But back to the vise. Heavily inspired by some cool variants of Big Hole Demon, I tied this simplified winter edition. Have tried it on a few lately - and it really works well on seatrout. Caught five sea trouts on 2 trips on this pattern.

Hook: Ahrex NS 122 Light Stinger sz. 4
Thread: UV pink ultra thread
Tail: Pink Mallard
Body: Pearl tinsel and UV fluo. hot pink ice dub
Front hackle: Pink hen

#kystflue #havørredd #seatrout #kyst #kysten #winter

Martin Fabricius
4 years ago

Thanks a lot to @facebook709999280 for the inspiration! 👍🏻

3 years ago

Slayin the pink hole bro . Brown hole for special occasions 👾💩

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