Karl Önning
4 years ago

Hook - Partridge CS54(Saltwater Shrimp)
Eyes - Easy shrimp eyes
Mouth - Pink mallard and seals fur - fl. pink
Dubbing - STF dub - Pink and ICE Dub - fl. shell pink.
Legs - Jewelry silicone thread
Back - Flexiskin

#havørredd #seatrout #seatroutflies #havsöringg #havsöringsflugaa

Bill Trublubug
4 years ago

Looks tasty Karl. Great idea for the legs. I'll have to try it.

Martin Fabricius
4 years ago

Well done! Looks perfect to me...

Rasmus Larsson
4 years ago

Looks great! But how does it work?

Karl Önning
4 years ago

Thank you guys =) @trublubug @martinfabricius

Karl Önning
4 years ago

Thanx Rasmus! The danes seem to use it a lot with good result =) the legs are quite soft so its a lot of movement from them.

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