Sean Maitner
8 months ago

I can’t stop seeing material in things- psychology has a term for it, I’m sure it’s in the DSMIV. Right after “Obsessive Fishing Disorder” which I already “suffer” from...

8 months ago

And you dont even need to buy the expensive paintbrushes

William clayton sykes
8 months ago

Great!Just recieved a 60g.bottle of UVresin for 7.18 cents including shipping.If it works as well as my test so far indicate Iwill say good by to the Loon ,Solar eze and bug bond that 10 times or more ostlythat much.

Bill payne
7 months ago

I am the same way, materials are everywhere!🎣

Jemel Maloney
6 months ago

lol the dead carcass on the side of the road makes you look twice.

Travis Fisher
6 months ago

Sorry I am not to proud to stop and cut off a tail or two

Randy Rocks
3 months ago

What is that

Sean Maitner
3 months ago


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