Martin Fabricius
4 years ago

Tube: Black
Body: Yellow gold US tube
Wing: Yellow opossum skin strip
Hackle: Grizzly yellow
Conehead: Yellow gold FutureFly conehead

#skjern #laks #banan #salmon #lax

William lynch
4 years ago

Hi Martin do you know of any good salmon flies, for northern swedish rivers??

4 years ago

Looks like a killer for summer evenings:) realy Nice!

Vilhelm Ellekrog Weldingh
4 years ago

Hey Martin. Bruger du inderør for at få dit conehead til at sidde fast

Martin Fabricius
4 years ago

Vilhelm: Ja, jeg bruger FutureFly's to rørtykkelser. Binder kroppen på det store rør og fronhackle og vingen på det tynde rør. Herefter monteres conheadet. Jeg klipper det store rør skråt og fører herefter det lille ind i det og binder dem sammen med bindetråd og evt. en lille dråbe lim.

Martin Fabricius
4 years ago

Thanks Moritz!

Martin Fabricius
4 years ago

William, I've only fished pikes in Sweden. But I guess a lot of my shared salmon patterns could work in swedish rivers as well. Try to look up the local patterns on google. Often some specific colors are popular in the river - it's often related to the waters color and clearness

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