Martin Fabricius
3 years ago

Hook: Mustad C70S D
Tail: Tan rabbit
Claws: Brown hackle feather
Eyes: Fluo UV 3D shrimp eyes
Body: Tan EP fibers
Legs: UV orange round rubber legs
Weight: UV pink bead chain

#crab #permit #bonefish #saltwater #exotic

Mario Meraz
3 years ago

candy bonefish 😁

Heidi Cain
2 years ago

My friend said I should make a crab-I said, "you're kidding right? How would I make the pinchers -they're too complex. Maybe after I tie more than 20, I'll give it a go. Love yours!!

Martin Fabricius
2 years ago

My best tip is to use a strong thread and sparse materials @10210980953772892

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