Roar Gabrielsen
4 months ago

Easiest dry fly ever - but deadly effective

Body: brown poly yarn, dubbed
Wing : brown poly yarn

#freshwater #trout #dryfly #rakkelhane

Bill Trublubug
4 months ago

Do you dress this one at all Roar?

Roar Gabrielsen
4 months ago

Only body - but rough - it is dubbed with short cut fibers of poly yarn, and the wing is one strand of poly yarn that is split to the sides. Believe me, it is a major fish catcher in Scandinavia - invented by a Swedish man🎣😁 you should test it - it simulates caddis and many other things👍🏻

Michael Mc Brien
4 months ago

This would work well for some of our very small darker caddis over here. Like the robust simplicity.

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