Patrik Herlet
2 years ago

My shoulder was aching all night, so I couldn't fall a sleep. Decided that it was no idea trying anymore and went to the fishingroom, grabbed the vise and began tying. The result becama a "Redhead Magnus Frede"☺ I used:
Gamakatsu 314 #6
UNI thread 6/0 in red
Beadchain Eyes M in silver
Marabou Natural Grizzly
Whiting Rooster grizzly
0,21mm mono as Rib
Blend of SLF Squirrel and Flashabou
Genuine Seals Fur Red
#seatrout #havsöringg #havsöringsflugaa #Sjøørretet #Sjøørretfluerer #Meerforelle #Meerforellenfliege

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