Repurposed Plastic Box
Tied by: Bill Trublubug Southeastern PA, US
Bill Trublubug

Bill Trublubug
8 months ago

Found this mini plastic snap closure box at the Goodwill store. Replaced the original inner lining with foam to make a small “shirt pocket” sized box.

Working on filling it with small, early season trout flies. On my streams, only the stockers show much interest in the shiny flies. Just something else to carry along. LOL

Steven S
8 months ago

One can’t have enough fly boxes, great find Bill, 👍

Bill Trublubug
8 months ago

“Can’t have too many fly boxes”???? It’s sort of like another old favorite saying of mine Steven. “Some folks say I drink too much.” “I say there isn’t too much”. LOL. Actually just a saying for me in truth. I still have 2/3 of a 5th of vodka in my freezer. It’s been there since I got it as a x-mas gift two years ago. Will probably be down minimally (if at all) this coming x-mas.

Doug Long
8 months ago

I repurposed looks of little boxes. Man can never have enough or boxes for fishing stuff and you are helping the environment too, at least that is what I tell my wife. She believed once, I not so sure any more. LOL

7 months ago

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