Martin Fabricius
1 year ago

Playing around with some orange materials. Preparing two weeks of salmon fishing in Norway.

Hook: Partridge Gold Salar doubble
Thread: Fluo orange
Butt: Gold tinsel
Tail: Hot Orange fluoro fibre
Body: Pearl tinsel
Hackle: Orange mallard
Wing: Hot orange and orange dyed natural brown bucktail

#laks #lax #salmon #doubble #lakseflue

Grahame Adams
1 year ago

They are two beauty's Martin..

Martin Fabricius
1 year ago

Thanks @southfb ! 👍🏻

Bill Trublubug
1 year ago

I'm with Grahame. This rusty orange color seems to be favored by many of the cold water fishes.

Martin Fabricius
1 year ago

Thanks @trublubug . Yes, it's a great color.

Alistair MacInnes
1 year ago

Great colour and neatly tied, a real killer. Another ace looking fly from Martin. 👍🏻🎣

Martin Fabricius
1 year ago

Thanks for the kind words @Ali Mac!

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