Sanibel (Not So) Special
Tied by: Bill Trublubug Southeastern PA, US
Bill Trublubug

Bill Trublubug
6 months ago

Thought this would be a killer on Sanibel but it didn’t turn out that way.

Let’s start laying the blame in order of likelihood.

Me, tides, Me, “kill off” from 2018 red tide, Me again.

Still, maybe a useful fly for pike?????

Aidan Curran
6 months ago

very nice. definitely useful for pike!

6 months ago

Do you polish your quarters? That thing is bright!

Michael hackwith
6 months ago

I think a excellent fly for pike..... gonna add red flash an underside.....I think,,,,jus another great one sir

Bill Trublubug
6 months ago

I like the notion of adding the red flash Michael. Really thought this would mimic several species of prey fish, but the Sanibel critters proved me wrong. Still feel it should draw some strikes from someone. Thanks for the comments @mtjhttg

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