The Bleeders
5 years ago

#screamingbanshee #elkhair tied into the front, wrapped until the cut section of hair becomes the "tail" a layer of thread is built up just behind the "head" and another short section of elk hair is tied on top of your wraps like a caddis body, the "tail section is now brought to the front of the fly which has separated the two sides of your #caddis like wings, trim excess and halfhitch

Blackie Glenwood
5 years ago

Have you fished these yet? I tied some up for swinging trout on a micro spey rod. I did some with a little tail to keep them tracking in the water a little better. On the water, that mod looks better, but I'll have to wait and see what the trout think.

The Bleeders
5 years ago

They proved better for smaller trout species like high mountain lake fishing, but I have caught a few lake trout in nevada with these... I'm interested that you added a tail, did you add the tail before the elk?

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