Shark’s Caddis pupa (green variant)
Tied by: Kevin Foley Anchorage, AK, US
Kevin Foley

Kevin Foley
11 months ago

Head: 3.0 mm tungsten bl bead.
Hook:#12 U204
Thread:12/0 Veevus black
Rear Body: Chartreuse antron/ Hare’s Ice dub olive
Front body: Creepy Crawley Ice dub black

I love the technique of twist antron and dubbing to create a segmented body.

Intended to imitate green caddis pupa at 15 mm total length.

#AlaskaFlyFishing #Caddispupa #LateralLineCustomFlyDesign

Bill Trublubug
11 months ago

Kevin, I too like the twisted yarn technique for adding segmentation and for giving the body a naturally mottled sort of look. Way back in the 70’s, the technique was called

Bill Trublubug
11 months ago

Damn clumsy fingers..... Technique was called “twist and trout”.

Malcolm Davidson
11 months ago

Very effective pattern Nicely done

Kevin Foley
11 months ago

Bill, thank you for that piece of history with the technique. I always try to give credit when I use other patters or techniques. Your point only supports what I often say about fly tying, there is little done in tying today that our grandparents did not know of yesterday.

Kevin Foley
11 months ago

Thank you Malcolm, I hope to give it a go here soonn

Josef frierdich
8 months ago

How exactly do you get the look of below the bead with thoose buggy wing like things?

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