Allan Overgaard
3 years ago

Another Syd Glasso pattern. Sol Duc. The rumor has it that Mr. Glasso caught 5 steelheads the first time he tried the Sol Duc. Mine is a variant, due to the GP chest feathers instead of the tips from rooster. I think that it suits the fly much better when you tie them in smaller sizes. This one is a size 2. The tying is close to the previous Orange Heron. Hook: ahrex HR410 size 2. Tag:oval small Silver tinsel Body:2/3 orange floss 1/3 orange sealsfur. Rib: flat Silver tinsel. Hackle: yellow White Ear pheasant. Front hackle Black Heron or sub, in this case a blue Ear pheasant and a Teal turnes twice. #ahrexhooks #hr410 #flytying #sydglasso #speyfly #flytyingaddict #singlehook #adventflytyingshowdown2017 #flyfishing #art #tieafly

Jestin Wyman
3 years ago

Nice looking fly, well done!

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