Sparkle Tube Fly
Tied by: Bill Trublubug Southeastern PA, US
Bill Trublubug

Bill Trublubug
1 month ago

Another take on Cory’s Smallie Tube Concept

In talking with those misguided friends (LOL) who refuse to fly fish, I asked about bass tube color “favorites”.

Lots of opinions with only one consistent answer. Greenish black on top, silver/pearl white on bottom.
Here’s a take on that color combo using something other than chenille for the body and flash dubbing for the silicon/rubber legs as the tail.

This one is pretty shiny/sparkly. Will have to see if this one is worth the efforts.

Hook: 1/0 jig style (90 degree)
Tail: Northern Lights Silver from FTD
Underbody: White chenille (forms tube shape)
Body: pearl micro braid wrapped over chenille
Eyes: Real Eyz Greenish Pearl 8 mm from FTD
Misc: Black Diamond Dust nail polish (back color)

Promise to give this style a rest. ???

1 month ago

Wow! That looks awesome Bill, love this colour pattern. You’ve managed to take this in angles I wouldn’t have thought of, great job 👍

Bill Trublubug
1 month ago

I got a lot of requests from those folks who favored this color combo provided I could weight the fly heavily. I thought there must be something about this one that the tube fishers don’t get when fishing the real plastics. Thanks for the “like” and much more importantly, the basic brainstorm. @Krawec

Gavin Roth
1 month ago

I’ve always had good luck with a light green with black flecks and a medium/darker green with gray “tail” and black and red flecks. These are great all around lure, so why not keep some fly style variants in your back pocket, especially when they’re down deep

1 month ago

Nice "bublegum" for fish,Bill. Surely it's worth of trying,it may suprice us how effect it is.🎣👍😁

1 month ago


Bill Trublubug
1 month ago

@flytier1231 @Tuononen @Texas Plainsman Gavin, thanks for feedback on your favorite colors and I intend to carry a few of these to test their effectiveness here. Martsu and GW, thanks for the thoughts and “likes”.

Doug Long
1 month ago

@trublubug I have fished for a lot of bass and this looks like a winner to me

Bill Trublubug
1 month ago

That’s what I wanted to hear Doug!!! LOL Thanks @Oldsalt

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