Spey collection
Tied by: Craig Bartlett Lanark Scotland, GB
Craig Bartlett

Craig Bartlett
24 days ago

Size 3/0 daiichi Alec Jackson hooks.

Grahame Adams
23 days ago

A beautiful collection of Spey flys Craig I just think they are stunning flys in there design and stunning well tied ..

Craig Bartlett
23 days ago

@southfb thank you Grahame

Bill Trublubug
23 days ago

I think Grahame said it just right Craig, couldn’t have found a better way to say how great these are.

Steven S
23 days ago

Spectacular Craig !! (And a very nice display stand!)

Craig Bartlett
22 days ago

@trublubug @grayghost thanks guys. The set turned out well

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