Craig Bartlett “CFS Salmon Flies”
21 days ago

Size 3/0 xlong Bartleet hook.

Steven S
21 days ago

Your skill Craig amazes me with you creation of your flies and your photography of them is so sharp and clear so we can see and appreciate every detail, you’re in a league of your own and this “Highlander” shows it. thanks again.

Geoff Piehler
20 days ago

Seeing the creations of you guys and gals that are this good is inspiring and helpful. Although I’ve been a fly fisherman for years I’m only a year into this craft. Learning more every day.

Craig Bartlett “CFS Salmon Flies”
20 days ago

@Stonefly18 rayghost @grayghost thank you guys for your kind comments I appreciate all your feedback. Always trying to improve.

Per Larsen
19 days ago

Amazing 😳👍🏻

Bill payne
17 days ago

I think "WOW!" just about covers it!....🎣

Xavier nadeau
14 days ago

Looks amazing

Sean Maitner
12 minutes ago

That’s a dandy!

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