Split case BWO
Tied by: Logan Tindell Johnson City, TN, US
Logan Tindell

Logan Tindell
5 days ago

Split case BWO first completed attempt

Hook: Tiemco TMC 100 sz 16
Thread: UTC 70 Olive
Tail: coq de Leon medium Pardo
Body: hare’s ear plus dubbin dark olive
Rib: small ultra wire copper
Wing case: blue wing olive goose biots and orange foam

Bill Trublubug
2 days ago

Nicely tied pattern Logan. Thought I’d use your post as a starting point for a info gathering question. Hope you don’t mind and I hope to get lots of answers to the question. Here it is: Why are so many imitations of BWO nymphs tied in a paler olive color? “ Yes, the O stands for olive, but almost all the Baetis “nymphs” are not olive, just the emerging or emerged adults are. While I don’t personally rank color high on my list regarding inducing a strike, still, I’d like some feedback from folks who fish BWO nymphs in various locations. Perhaps it’s just my own limited experience, but I’ve not really ever seen a pale olive Baetis nymph. Thanks for this post as it gave me the chance to ask the question.

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