Tied by: Sylvie Godin New Brunswick, CA
Sylvie Godin

Sylvie Godin
9 months ago

I know this isn’t a fly but I thought I would still share! It looks like the Bass have been liking the last lure I tied on a Savage Gear Sandeel head! This guy sure put up a good fight! #Saltwater #sandeel #stripedbass

9 months ago

Cool catch Sylvie, you had a adventure rich fishing trip. ; )

Vincent Ausseil
9 months ago

Nice fish!

Sylvie Godin
9 months ago

Thanks guys! :)

Abe C.
9 months ago

Nice one! I’ve fished for those in fresh water, never have caught one, but I have caught a hybrid one. They’re beautiful fish and fight hard. Good job.

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