Vernon Wilson
1 year ago

TMC 9395 #2 3x Heavy 4x Long Hook
.035 Lead Wrapped Twice
3/0 UNI Brown Thread
Meat: Hareline Worm Brown Wormille Fine
Taco Shell: Wapsi Yellow Razor Foam
Tomato: Hareline Red Fettuccine Foam
Sauce: Hareline Red Ripple Ice Fiber
Lettuce: Hareline Fl. Chart. Electric Ripple Ice Fiber
Cheese: Hareline Fl. Yellow Electric Ripple Ice Fiber

Braden Sherwood
1 year ago

Haha that’s pretty cool

Michael Scarpino
1 year ago

He was hungry for tacos

Kevin sweet
1 year ago

If this one is actually fishable, I would die if you could catch a fish with it! Could start a whole new line of patterns!

1 year ago

this would be a good fly to fish on the boarder for slaying some vatos

Rob Loos
1 year ago

I’ve been tying for 25 years thought I had seen it that is the coolest damn thing I’ve seen in awhile

Vernon Wilson
1 year ago

Thank you to everybody for your comments.

Bill payne
1 year ago

Love it Vernon!.....🎣

Darwin Hudson
1 year ago

Does it work

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