Martin Burch @flyfishfans
1 month ago

Total experiment. Tied on size 1 Firehole 811 streamer hook. 1 inch diameter foam ball used in Nerf type toy gun. Tail is pumpkinseed silicon legs. Mid section is olive gilted eyelash yarn. Front legs are small dark olive round rubber. Ball was kept yellow on bottom. Colored with olive, brown and sepia markers. WAPSI 7/32 hologram eyes glued on. Maybe a big bass might get tricked around a weed bed with this.

Gavin Roth
1 month ago

Holy cow! Should push a lot of water, good for top water bass!

Bill Trublubug
1 month ago

I’ll be waiting for your report Martin. Sure is different from anything I’ve seen before. At first I thought you had a real golf ball on this one. I could just picture you with it sitting on a tee and you with a driver in your hands. One swing (with the fly line coiled loosely or in a casting basket) and you finally can reach those spots out of normal casting range. LOL

Michael Mc Brien
1 month ago

To be cast downwind only!

Randal Scholma
1 month ago

Very creative. Nice!

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