Martin Fabricius
1 year ago

Here is my simplified take on a Green Highlander.

Hook: Ahrex HR420G
Butt: Pearl tinsel
Tag: Fluo orange fiber
Body: Holo gold flatbraid
Wing: Yellow, orange and green bucktail
Flash: SSS angel hair HD
Hackles: Green, yellow and hot orange teal flank
Cheeks: Jungle cock
Head: Green flash
Thread: White USP

#salmon #laks #salar #lax #salmosalar #ahrex #double #lakseflue

Grahame Adams
1 year ago

Beautifully tied fly Martin love the colour combo and the green head and to top it off some nice photography there are some nice Salmon flys being tied on here at the minute ..

Martin Fabricius
1 year ago

Thanks @southfb . I'm also pretty happy about the result. I was low on the orange teal feathers, so some of the fibers a bit too long IMO, but I bet the fish don't care. I really love the flashy head - it's a great detail and looks neat. Seems like I'm pushing that iPhone camera to the limit. Maybe should get a proper macro lens and DSLR instead. LOL.

Mathias Rieper Andersen
8 months ago

Du kan lige få min adresse så du ved hvor du skal sende de seje fluer hen😂

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