Martin Fabricius
6 years ago

Hook: Gamakatsu F314 Stinger size 8
Thread: Coral
Butt: Coral dub
Tail: Coral spey fibers. UV orange fibers and pearl krinkle flash
Eyes: Easy shrimp eyes UV orange
Body: Coral dub
Shield: Coral antron yarn
Rib: Fluo orange thread

#shrimp #reje #reke #havørredd #seatrout #searun

Bill Trublubug
6 years ago

Pretty little rascal.

Martin Fabricius
6 years ago

Thanks Bill!

6 years ago

Awesome, Martin!

Janis gotsis
6 years ago

I believe that this fly is equal to fishing with dynamite... That UV fibre is worth its Weight in gold..

Martin Fabricius
6 years ago

Haven't caught any seatrout on this one yet, Janis! But I'm sure it will do the trick..

Martin Fabricius
5 years ago

This turned out to be a killer pattern! Me and my two fishing mates have now caught about 30-40 sea trout on this pattern during the winter and early spring here in Denmark.

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