Peder Wigdell
3 years ago

NoHackle for those tricky trout #deercreekpro #nohackle #muskoxdubbing #duckquill

3 years ago

What's your recipient for these?! They look amazing!!!

Bill Trublubug
3 years ago

These are great Peder!!!! I love this style. I frequently have the "tricky trout" issue with the sulphur hatches on my streams. This style is the answer for me. I found that an underbody of thin electronics foam sheeting cut into strips and wrapped as an underbody provided the right amount of floatation. A light dubbing over the foam (not much thread tension) does the trick. As always, your consistency is amazing. What size are these please? I like a lighter weight dry fly hook for mine.

Peder Wigdell
3 years ago

Thanks Cooper :-) If you have Facebook you can find a step-by-step on my page @wiggoflytying Thank you Bill :-) Sounds like a really good choise of bodymaterial and as you wrote, a lighter hook makes the fly stay a little longer on the surface. These hooks are Hanak Klinkhammer size 18

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