Twisted Sister
Tied by: Bill Trublubug Southeastern PA, US
Bill Trublubug

Bill Trublubug
5 years ago

An 8" bass worm with all the movement of those plastics that certain of my acquaintances use with great success on their bait casters. There's a treble stinger hook in the rear. I found it necessary because unlike the plastic worms, they don't always hold on to a "fake" fake.

Tail: treble dressed with copper flashabou
Body: twisted (hence the name) strand of chenille with a length of fly line backing twisted in
Collar: burnt orange marabou
Head: burnt orange ultra chenille
Weight: lead sub dumbbell eyes
Eyes: 5mm orange stick on
Hook: 3/0 worm hook.

It's super sized but you can make it any length you want. Same thing for the colors.

Matt Hawkins
5 years ago


Bill Trublubug
5 years ago

I'll share another secret with you Matt. One issue I've had with the treble is that it can hang up as you retrieve the fly by bouncing it along the bottom. One way to minimize this is to make the tail float. I do this by adding a small foam disk 1/2" diameter) to the end of the chenille. It makes the casting a bit more difficult (wind resistance) but not all that much. As you rest the fly in between strips on the retrieve, the tail actually stands up. You get an attractive wobble as the foam lifts the hook up when at rest. Another way to do this is to punch a hole in the center of the foam disk and slip it over the eye of the treble. I usually carry the foam disks in the box with the worms. When I want one on the fly, I use a scissors to cut a slit into the disk about half way (the center) and slip the disk onto the chenille. A touch of superglue at the slit seals it and keeps it from coming off during casting and retrieval.

Matt Hawkins
5 years ago

I've tied a lot of flies incorporating foam to make the back end stick up. I will certainly try it with this

Jason page
5 years ago

Slick idea bill

Krister Ekman
5 years ago

Great fly! Looks a bit like a chinese dragon ;-)

Trevor Callaway
4 years ago

How does it stay twisted?? Wouldn't it untwist?

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