Martin Fabricius
2 years ago

Old scandinavian seatrout and salmon pattern. As far as I know, the longest hackle should be in the front. Very popular in low and clear water conditions.

Hook: Single salmon
Butt: Red wool yarn
Body: Black wool yarn
Hackles: Brown hen
Thread: Black

#uldsokken #salmon #laks #havørredd #seatrout #mörrumm

Henrik Andersson
2 years ago

Love it @martinfabricius super sexy!

Martin Fabricius
2 years ago

Thanks @Ullsockan !

Heidi Cain
2 years ago

So cleanly done-looks amazing!

2 years ago

Nice fly! Do you often fish single hooks for Salmon? I never did but I would like to. Especially in low water.

Martin Fabricius
2 years ago

Yeah, I used it quite a lot years ago. Then I started using the gold/silver doubles. But now I'm back @mo 😂

Martin Fabricius
2 years ago

@10210980953772892 thank you!

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