Eugene Borovin
1 month ago

Stonefly nymph

mike Hulsey
1 month ago

@Borovin as always, incredible fly!

Bill Trublubug
1 month ago

Just amazing Eugene. You are the maestro!!! Very cute with the name printing on the biot tail.

Eugene Borovin
1 month ago

Thank you Gents! Planning to release soon video tutorial on YouTube

Michael Scarpino
1 month ago

The gentleman above said it all. Just awesome and beautiful.

Kenan Haseta
1 month ago

Outstanding tie!!!

1 month ago

Amazing work and colours 👌

25 days ago


Michael Mc Brien
17 days ago

One small favour Eugene, do a damsel fly nymph (Zygoptera in the order Odonata.) Just keen to see what somebody with your level of skills can create.

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