uv resin shrimp
Tied by: Aden Blackburn Cookeville, TN, US
Aden Blackburn

Aden Blackburn
4 years ago

thought i might try one of these. it might be a long time before i can use it though.

Bill Trublubug
4 years ago

Really nice look to this Aden. I'm impressed. I keep wondering about the mono tails on these. I've seen them mostly tied as you have but also with concentric loops to fill in the space. Also saw one at a show a while back that used UV resin to fill in. This is a beauty. Talk about a long time before using this one, we are getting blasted with yet another winter storm today (# 24 since Jan 3). At last check about 15 minutes ago, it's over 9". Sigh.

4 years ago


Michael Mills
1 year ago

I love this. Need to learn how to tie it!

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