Vaskebjorn variant
Tied by: Kent Ekolin Helsingborg, SE
Kent Ekolin

Kent Ekolin
11 months ago

A very good fly for fishing at the coast for Seatrout in the Nordics.
Works well in all seasons, but is probably best late winter/ early spring.

I fish it with a couple of quick retrieves and the stop for 2 seconds, letting the fly sink.
Most of the times the bites comes when the fly sinks.

My personal best was actually caught on this exact fly.

- A.Jensen Danish Seatrout hook size 6

- A.Jensen Seatrout supreme dub Fluo. pink
- A.Jensen Ice Dubbing UV Callibaetis

- Keough grizzly saltwater

Small silver bead chain eyes tied on the bottom of the hook.

#ajensenflyfishing #seatrout #personalbest #flythatcatchesfish #shrimp

Steven S
11 months ago

Very nice!

Bill Trublubug
11 months ago

Since you stated that your “personal best” was caught on this exact fly I need to ask if the lady in your profile photo was hurt badly when you “hooked” her? LOL 😉

Kent Ekolin
11 months ago

Thanks Steven S!

Kent Ekolin
11 months ago

Ha ha, Bill! 😊 Of course she's my absolute best catch! Or maybe she caught me...🤔

Bill Trublubug
11 months ago

We chase them until they catch us Kent. My best catch has lasted almost 50 years now.

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